How To Get Over Losses In Life

There are certain life instances in which you may feel too defeated to get back on your feet. It may happen if you get terminated from work, your relationship ended, or a loved one passed away. Although these are hard losses, it doesn’t entail that you can’t recover from them.


Relish in what is in your life. Make the time each day to water the plant of your relationships, not take parenting, marriage, … for granted. — Karen Ruskin Psy.D., LMFT


Bottling up emotions is what makes it extra difficult to go beyond the heartache. Some folks who can’t accept the loss give themselves no opportunity to cry and grieve. Usually, they take multiple shifts per day so that they won’t be able to think of anything else. The result, despite the effort, is that the feeling of loss persists in their system.

Speak Up

If friends and family ask whether you’re okay, you can honestly say you’re not. It isn’t morally wrong to voice out your negative emotions. They will understand why you can’t be your normal chirpy self and will want to listen to you. You simply need to have the courage to tell them your situation so that you can start living in the moment.

Find the right group/community support through workshops, programs, retreats, or special interests and activities. — Alicia Muñoz, LPC



That being said, dealing with loss is not something you should be doing on your own. A grieving person may claim (s)he’s lonely, yet that’s the depression in him or her talking. To be frank, there are people within and perhaps outside your circle who wish to help you overcome it. Your only job is to embrace all the support you can get.


Losing what or who you love the most may cripple your desire to continue doing regular stuff besides crying or staring at nothing. However, you shouldn’t allow that to occur since you still have a life to live. Feel everything you need to feel, yet never forget to eat, exercise, bathe and keep up with your hobbies.


Understand how futile it is to wallow in pain forever. While seeing a beloved die hurts you so much, you are aware deep down that your grieving can’t bring them back. The same goes for a job post or a business. You can be gloomy about it for a while, but don’t permit it to run and ruin your future chances.

Trying to control what cannot be controlled requires large amounts of energy and resources that could possibly be used to achieve something better and more fulfilling in your life. — Moshe Ratson, MBA, MS, LMFT



The emotional pain stays a mystery to scientists because no one can say for sure how long it’ll last. Some move on from it after eating a tub of ice cream overnight. Others, on the other hand, require weeks or months.

A sensible thought to remind yourself with is that it’s alright to feel hurt for as long as it takes. Though you should get over it, you won’t make any progress by becoming angry at life in general for not moving on fast enough.

In Conclusion

Whatever you lose, you may never be able to take it back. But life’s still worth living without it, you know. Just look for another reason to believe in it.

Good luck!