How To Quickly Bounce Back From Rejection


Unfortunately, we’ve spent years trying to build up the self-esteem of an entire generation and have created a world in which the word, “No,” carries more power to wound adults more deeply than ever believed possible. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Everyone, including high-profile politicians and celebrities, can experience refusal more than once in this lifetime. No one is too close to perfection, right? You can’t push every single person on the planet to believe your capabilities. It is also beyond your power to make people realize how much of an asset you can become for their school or company.

For sure, you can always try to change their minds. But never allow rejections to lower your self-esteem and doubt yourself. If you let that occur, stress and negative thoughts will pile up and most likely result in a mental disorder.


View a few suggestions on how to quickly bounce back from this experience below.

  1. See It As An Opportunity

The weavers of fate surely have sound logic behind the dismissal you got. Perhaps your destiny is to marry a better man or woman than your ex. Or, maybe you’re meant to be the boss, not the employee. Although we have no means to find out what that is in an instant, you may sense it shortly.

  1. Confront Your Emotions

Rejection can never leave a sweet taste in anyone’s mouth. It can be difficult to swallow, especially once you get denied for something that you’ve been dreaming of for years. Rather than acting unfazed by it every time, however, even if you feel otherwise, just choose to be honest with your emotions. That can help you accept the reality and take the incident off your chest.

When a relationship ends, humiliation, rage, loneliness, anguish and grief all seem to simultaneously show up at the door, marching in arm-in-arm to parade noisily around our psyche. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

  1. Find Ways To Improve Your Skills

Once you receive a refusal and the other person tells you its cause, be grateful for it. Whether it involves matters of the heart or not, many go on in this world without knowing where things went wrong. You’re lucky not to be one of them. Thus, as soon as your anger subsides, try to become objective, change any unpleasant attitude, or gain new competencies so that you’ll obtain approvals on your next endeavor.

  1. Focus On Feeling Happy

Some who have a hard time dealing with rejection spiral down to addiction or depression, which makes a recovery extra challenging. The reason is that they let the experience dampen their mood. You won’t go through this ordeal once you concentrate on activities that provide happiness to your heart. It’s beneficial to surround yourself with loved ones too at this point.

  1. Don’t Blame Yourself

The idea of denial can play tricks in your head and ruin your poise when you allow it to stay rampant. In case your significant other breaks your relationship or you can’t land a fantastic job, that does not entail you didn’t give it your best shot. You did more than enough – remember that. Only, there’s a possibility the people who rejected you are searching for something – or someone – else, and that’s not your fault.

Dedicate some time to yourself to do something you enjoy. Listen to a podcast, watch a movie, pick up a novel. — Marni Amsellem, PhD

  1. Move Forward

The final tip to get away from rejection is to keep on going after your life goals. You have already dealt with the sadness that it brings; you also know what parts of yourself require improvements. Now, all there is to do is make sure to grab every opportunity that comes your way until you find a path that satisfies you.