Why You Shouldn’t Be Sad About Your Children Growing Up

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Kids are the most significant sources of joy and pride in a parent’s life. After a long day in the office, seeing their happy smiles can wash all your worries away. More than anyone, you are also their #1 cheerleader as they try to achieve their dreams.

Thus, when you feel so close to your children, it is possible for you to get depressed once they become old enough to move out of the house. The usual chats you share over breakfast every day may just happen once or twice a month. If they now live away from your city, video messaging applications may be the only way for you to see your kids’ faces often.

Take time to reflect on the season you have had with your children at home. It takes time to process the reality you have been preparing them for since they were born. — Angela Bisignano, PhD

It isn’t anybody’s position to condemn you for missing your babies too much, regardless of how big they are already. But you need not feel sad about letting them exercise their independence because it can bring a lot of benefits to their lives – and yours, of course.

The Activities In The House Are Less Hectic Than Ever

A child growing up means he or she will not need your help too much inside or outside your home. If you had to prepare their clothes and meals when they were still young, they could do all of that now by themselves. And once they leave, it’s mere you and your better half will share the place; that’s why there will inevitably be less amount of clutter and noise.

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Your Stress Level Can Go Down

Being a mom or dad to someone isn’t easy since your parenting skills have to stay polished. Kids at any age require guidance, and they will undoubtedly retreat under your wing in times of need. When they are living with you, the children may bombard you regularly with their issues from the moment they hear your footsteps from the garage. At least, if your locations are different, then they can try to fix the problem themselves and allow you to be stress-free for once.

When you occasionally distract yourself with something mindless or a physical activity, you give your unconscious a chance to sort through possible solutions. — Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.

You And Your Spouse Can Go On Your Dream Adventure Together

Is there a place out of town or across the globe that you wanted to visit but never had the chance due to childcare? That doesn’t have to remain as a far-fetched dream now, thanks to your children growing up.

They are ideally past the adolescent years and are capable of surviving without you for days or weeks. So, plan your new endeavor and feel no guilt about going on a trip as a couple.

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There are traits we’ve taken on that strengthen us and enhance our sense of self. Yet, differentiation isn’t about separating yourself from society or ridding yourself of positive social models. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

The Talks You Share Become More Mature

As the kids gain life experiences, the chats you’ll have together will be more adult-like. Rather than talking about school crushes and friends, they may prefer to speak of work, investments, and family. During those moments, the age gap may not seem as noticeable as when they were children, and you won’t feel weird about sharing your woes with them.

You Can Be Like Newlyweds Again

The pet peeve of married couples with kids is that the latter will catch them in the act of making love. That can be super embarrassing for everyone. With your children away from home often, however, you can rekindle your romance and practically have sex wherever and whenever you please.