Stop The Pandemic Panic Now!


Our brains are always seeking out the threat. It is part of its function to allow us to create decisions such as fighting it or running away from it. However, if there is no option available, that is when we find ourselves in a frozen state. And it is a mental status where our brain reacts to things emotionally and differently. It makes us more reactive and impulsive. It also narrows our vision and makes us incompetent to make better life decisions.



With all the stressful situations we are facing now due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we can expect fewer variables of mental strength. The global negative information we get everywhere is exhausting and depressing. That is why we find ourselves in a sense of panic. And that panic leads to many other forms of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also lead to thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Therefore, we need to talk about the ways to manage better and clam our response in this situation. We need to find solace in this chaotic global health crisis.

Recognize Our Emotions

Almost all of us are anxious about the pandemic situation but are not aware of it. As far as we know, it is a standard flow in our system to think about the negative things related to the outbreak because it is currently relevant. But anxiety is more that. We need to be mindful of knowing what we entirely feel. It will help us understand better the choices we have to make. It will also help us avoid creating assumptions of what we physically, emotionally, and mentally need to do.


Allow Ourselves To Grieve

This particular global health situation is terrifying. As much as we want to stay positive that it will soon all end, we need to grieve about this. We need to feel the loss of events in our lives for us to paint a bigger picture. We need to grieve with the deaths of millions of people for us to value the ones who are still there. We need to acknowledge the pain and suffering we have for us to become emotionally and mentally stronger. We need to grieve to realize that life, even though in situations like this, has still something to offer.

Shake It Off

Moving our bodies help in dysregulation, we feel due to the situation. And since our bodies are different from one another, we have to do what we can to shake away the stress. We can do a quick stretch; we can work on short yoga practice or maybe do a more intensive exercise. Whatever our preferences are, we need to move our body to help our nervous system regulate itself so we can calm down. It will allow us to process the whole situation and make us feel a little bit better.


Have Meaningful Conversations

With the uncertainty of this global crisis, we can only make every moment counts. We need to find time to make meaningful conversations with people that are close to us. Yes, in most unfortunate times, our friends and family might not be available. But we can always look for ways to work on social distancing and securing parameter. Because in this state of constant stress and panic, one of our chances to stay mentally healthy is to connect with people socially.

In times like this, it is okay to get angry, sad, and anxious. It is okay to try and bargain our way to change things. But we have to be mindful that once we are done with this mental torture, we have to focus. We still have a life ahead of us once this pandemic is over.