Want To Be Successful? Here Are The Life Obstacles You Should Beat

Dreaming of being and working to become successful are two diverse yet equally important things. You won’t know what path to take if there isn’t any objective set in stone right from the beginning. Likewise, you can’t fulfill your wishes without taking an initiative to bring them to reality.

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The dilemma that some encounter on a daily basis, however, is that they can’t get past the “dreaming” part. Why? The challenges that life throws in general often get the better of them.

It’s really understandable, yet keep in mind that knowledge delivers immense power to the receiver. You may decide to work towards your goals after learning about the life obstacles you should beat.

Human nature is about learning from our experiences and having those experiences become part of us. — Marianna Pogosyan Ph.D.

Bad Influences

It is an absolute hardship to move forward when the things or the people around you are pulling you backward.

At the helm of that brigade are the ill-meaning friends. They are the type to constantly gift you with booze when you’re trying to stay sober or pull you to casinos and trips when you need to save up.

These folks are nothing but poison in your life. You should practice saying ‘no’ or totally stay away from them in order to follow your dreams.

Societal Standards

There are good and bad points to being born in this generation. The perk is that the technological advancements are flying high. Any gadget you want is practically at your fingertips. Its downside is that the expectations of the society for your gender, race, and age are still in force.

Sex impartiality, for example, is a battle that women have already won, and many reap its benefits now by heading projects and corporations. Despite that, there will always be narrow-minded fellas who will transact with your competitors instead simply because the bosses there are males.

The residue of emotional damage from early trauma and conflict that can occur during one’s early development or subsequent life experiences, if left unhealed and unconscious, becomes visible in definable symptoms and dysfunction, from mild to severe. — Douglas LaBier Ph.D.

Furthermore, something similar can happen to professionals. In case you are young, some may not take your ideas seriously, saying they won’t work before you can even act it out. If you are old and aiming to start a different career, they tell you the ship for that has sailed a long time ago.

With all these scenarios to boot, what should you do? Let go and take your chances. Even when you’re at the top, you’ll still have negativities placed on your path. What you do – or not do – with it is all that matters.


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Finally, in case none of the ideas above are hindering you, it’s highly possible that you are getting in your own way. That usually occurs when you criticize your actions and say mean stuff about yourself. Then, should any opportunity pass while you’re doing that, you’ll get mad again and may never recover from it.

It’s OK to acknowledge your faults. Besides, everyone has weaknesses too. Rather than dwelling on the mistakes you made, just strive to improve yourself and focus on the positive aspects.

What we may sometimes fail to remember, though, is that one cannot exist without the other. Not only are both “good” and “bad” important if we are hoping to experience emotional growth in our lives, but time keeps happening, and more circumstances follow in which we can bring new meaning to what once seemed horrible. — Nicole Sartini-Cprek, LPCC

Life obstacles are so fickle, wouldn’t you say? They can come from others or from your own self. Regardless of their origin, though, make sure you’ll beat all of them if