Wedding Trends To Look Forward To This Year And Onwards


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Flowers, music, and colors filled the venue of the 2018 Wedding Conference. It was an event designed to expand networking, education, and engagement among wedding organizers and also with the wedding vendors who were provided with a classy space to showcase their products and services during the conference. It began with a luncheon, then on to dinner, and then cocktails. It was an excellent opportunity for startup wedding planning teams to see and listen to big-time organizers across the country talk about their strategies, styles, and how they manage to make their concepts unique and exciting. The latest wedding fads and ideas and the future of the wedding industry was one of the most important topics discussed at the event.

If you’re a wedding planner looking for the freshest and latest wedding trends to follow and base your concepts from, read on, and learn some of those trends here.

Micro Weddings

This simply means planning a small wedding of about 40 guests or less. However, just like any exclusive celebration, an event like this has got to deliver big, so the budget per person is significant as well. We are talking about your family and closest friends here, so it wouldn’t be a waste of money to spend on their deliciously expensive meals and lots of personalized touches. This type of trend is suitable for introverts, those who would rather mingle with those who are closest to their hearts.

Going Green

Sustainable celebrations are increasingly popular these days. You might want to suggest an upcycled wedding by planning a zero-waste/zero-plastic reception. You can start by resetting a family engagement ring, repurposing wedding decor, and purchasing locally grown food.


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Clips And Combs

Veils are probably not going to go out of fashion, but tiaras have stayed and even been upgraded as well. In fact, hair jewelry like clips and combs have been designed with stones and beautiful glitters to suit the gown of the lovely bride. The combs are perfect for the bride’s natural curls.

Table Combinations

This is one of the most budget-friendly styles. Rather than choosing the round and long tables, select something more artful. Winding tables look unique, plus it saves space too. You can have different tables pushed together to make a certain design that you want to achieve. If you think that it’s going to crowd the venue, perhaps you can utilize rectangular tables and create another design – it’s really up to you – and the couple, of course.