Reasons To Become A Roving Nail ‘Therapist’


The best way to minimize the risks is to ensure that you know the value that you are bringing to the table and then that you confidently sell this value any chance you get. — Laura E. Buffardi Ph.D.

Being a nail technician seems like an easy job for some people. You get trained to beautify your clients’ nails and sit in an air-conditioned salon every day, after all. You can even make an excellent living out of the tips that customers graciously provide. However, doing people’s nails also entails that you will inevitably turn into their makeshift therapist. A few clients may feel so at ease in your presence, to the extent that they even ask for life advice from you.

Of course, when such things happen, you go with the flow. It is rude to ask customers to shut up because they are technically always right. You do not want to get to their wrong side as well since it means throwing away one of your clients.

Now, in case the typical workday no longer appeals to you, perhaps you should try making your salon mobile.

3 Reasons To Make Your Nail Salon Mobile

You can only find a member of the female population once in a blue moon who has never had her nails done by a professional. Young mothers now turn a manicure and pedicure session into a bonding moment for them and their daughters. They try to set up an appointment at least once a month to make sure that their nails always look fabulous.

Hana does her nails on the train, because every moment counts on her way to improve her family’s fortunes, with her brightly colored nails. — Talya Miron-Shatz Ph.D.

The thing is, you may also discover that more women who are busy taking care of their careers or kids have lesser opportunity to visit the salon for a bit of self-pampering. It is not that they do not want to do that. It is just that there is too much on their plate and going out to allocate at least an hour for their nails sounds impossible for them.

For this reason, there are nail professionals who are starting to put up their mobile nail salon. Here are the top three reasons why you should open one as well.


1. Always Be On The Go

When you have to relocate your establishment, it cannot be guaranteed that your regular customers in the previous location will want to travel to your new place. This is merely impractical to them, especially if there are other nail salons that they can go to nearby. Aside from that, it is no secret that some individuals are always interested in trying new services, regardless if they have been coming to your salon for months.

Nevertheless, if moving to another place means that you have to go back to square 1, you can choose to make your home your headquarters. You can send invitations to your old clients to swing by your house to get their usual manicure and pedicure. You may also turn into an on-call nail technician for customers who don’t have time for that.

2. Garner More Patrons

Take note of the saying that “birds of the same feathers often flock together.” Your customers who ask for home service have friends who like the same thing. You can give your calling card to them so that they can show it to their gal pals anytime they meet. In case you want to ante up the stakes, you can offer a package deal when the ladies decide to hold a nail salon party.

The benefit of doing so is that you will undoubtedly gain more regular clients. The flow of customers may not be as crazy as when you were still working at a typical nail salon. However, as a roving nail ‘therapist,’ you can ensure that the individuals who will get your services are keepers.


Being a leader is being willing to forge a path and hold that space and identifying who would like to follow that path with you. It takes personal integrity, being clear on your values and goals, and serving as a beacon for others. — Mira Brancu, Ph.D.

3. Obtain Profits In Full

The most significant aspect of having a mobile salon is that you are your boss and employee. You do not have to answer to anyone but yourself. If you wish to have a late start, no one will nag you. In case you feel too lazy to go to work today, that is not a problem either.

Consequently, if you work for a company, you may get a percentage for every pair of hands or feet that you beautify, or there is a fixed daily wage. Either way will provide low income, which is highly unsatisfactory if you have been in the salon for eight hours straight.

The latter consists of some of the reasons why nail technicians have started to make their services available in a mobile fashion. Even though you may not be affiliated to a huge salon such as in the past, you can take all of your profits – plus the tip – without needing to turn it over to the employer.

Accept the beautiful changes that life offers to you, and everything will be so much better. Become a roving nail technician today!