Privacy Policy

We made this website with a simple objective of helping people learn something new about healthcare
and medical practices regardless if they have background knowledge about Medicine or not. We want
even the regular folks to be able to explain a specific condition to another person after reading our

This Privacy Policy is in place to explain the collection, usage, and disclosure of the information that you
provide to us. The gathering of personal data typically occurs when you utilize the contact form in our
Contact page and type in your full name and email address to be able to send your message. Rest
assured, we will use commercially acceptable means to secure your data in our system. The only time
that we will disclose it, too, is if the law enforcement releases an order for its disclosure.

This Privacy Policy is subject to modifications, especially when our services evolve. Although we do not
send out announcements regarding the changes and when they will take effect, you are free to come to
this page to know whether it has already been modified.

For any question about our practices and policies, kindly direct your message to us via /contact/