How To Not Be On The Receiving End Of Bullying At Work



Despite the comparisons going around for decades, there’s still no such thing as an “easy” job. Every position in any industry can be tricky, mainly if the tasks assigned to you come by a dozen. You’ll have little time for relaxation, and sometimes you may even forget to eat.

Another struggle that you might face, however, is the prospect of being on the receiving end of bullying at work. Whether you do your job amazingly or poorly, there will always be mischievous people who’ll try to bring your morals down. Luckily, there are some things you can do to avoid giving them the last laugh.

Try making decisions about what you will and will not do before you have a conversation with your boss, friends or partner. — Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.

  1. Prepare Yourself

Before you enter the office, you should be aware of the remarks that others may throw your way about your appearance. You ideally went to school and have been around different kinds of people for many years, so you know what features may earn you praises or criticisms.

It’s important to remind yourself of such things so that you won’t get taken aback once you hear them being said to you. You’re not putting yourself down when you do so – you’re merely preparing yourself for future occurrences.



  1. Know The Signs

Bullying is diverse when it comes from a man or a woman, to be honest. When the former does it, he may yell or intimidate you consistently even if you’re doing a better job than him. In case the latter is the bully, she may talk behind your back or set you up for failure with a friendly smile plastered on her face.

Overall, you should remain alert for these signs because the abuse can take place in an instant.

You will start to have mean thoughts or “critical inner voices” that tell you you’re inferior or that you are insignificant and only take up space. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

  1. Hold Your Tongue

You also have to remember not to spill the beans about your life to everyone in the office immediately, thinking that they’re all your BFFs already. Some of them may want the same position you got, while others can be plain jealous of your stature, albeit it may not show in the beginning. Telling them your secrets, therefore, is like loading the gun they’ll shoot you with on your own.

  1. Maintain Your Confidence

If there’s something that bullies are allergic to, it’s the unwavering self-esteem that their target displays. You can’t express even a hint of weakness in front of the bullying crowd since an oppressor typically draws out happiness from the suffering of the prey. But once you prove to them that you pay no mind to their trash talks or dishonorable behavior, they may eventually stop.

  1. Control The Situation Fast

Considering you understand the indications of the abuse by now, then you know whether a person just teases you or has a dark ulterior motive.

You can laugh with everyone in case you see that they don’t mean harm. However, if the snide remarks come more often than not, then you have to take a stand and confront the individual immediately. It won’t hurt as well to inform the folks at the human resources department about it.

The cost of conflict in the workplace can be very high. While conflict cannot be avoided, the approach to its solution makes all the difference. — Aldo Civico Ph.D.


Bullying will never be acceptable. For sure, it’s painful to be on the receiving end of it, especially when you’re at your workplace, which is supposedly a safe environment. But don’t be afraid to call for help if it gets out of hand. After all, there’ll be no more bullying once you stop letting it happen to you.